• Mistral by Moooi Works


    Just a beautiful shade, just a little bright light in the darkness, a sparkling idea, simple, effective, combining the logic we all so value, get rid of heat and flies, welcome fresh air and light. What a wonderful summer it will be.

  • Mistral by Moooi Works
  • Mistral by Moooi Works


moooi works

"The people working for Moooi are the largest asset of the company - Casper Vissers."

Moooi Works

Moooi works is a team of talented product development professionals within Moooi. For more than 10 years they have designed and developed unique products currently part of the Moooi collection. With more than 10 years of expertise Moooi works doesn’t stop researching and innovating to give birth unique objects of beauty. Moooi works continues building and growing Moooi’s potential with their winning team of talented people.

products by moooi works

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Mistral by Moooi Works


chromed body, wooden blades, PVC/viscose laminate, intricate glass diffuser, reversible wind direction

available in dark brown, white and off white with yellow fan blades

32x57cm | 12.6”x22.4" (HxW)




Can be positioned in 7 different heights:
107cm | 42.1”
81cm | 31.9”
71cm | 27.9”
59cm | 23.2”
48cm | 18.9”
20cm | 7.9”

For Europe; available standard with remote control
For USA; available standard with wall control, optional remote control


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Mistral Sketch

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