Calligraphy Bird


Meet the Calligraphy Bird

The first time a Calligraphy Bird was spotted in the tropical forest, the explorer thought he was hallucinating from heat and homesickness. Never in his life had he seen a bird so breathtakingly beautiful, posing majestically on a high tree branch! Blinded by tears, he recollected himself, took out his travel diary and started to draw...

Aware of their paradisiac beauty, Calligraphy Birds were known to have a special feeling for romance and poetry. They were often seen posing and dancing to attract a partner. The male would move back and forth in a rhythmic dance, the blue hues of his ornate collar feathers shining in the sun. The female would respond by fanning her white tail feathers that ended in what resembled graceful calligraphy swirls, writing her very own love message.


The Museum of Extinct Animals

With the Museum of Extinct Animals, Moooi celebrates nature’s diversity, stimulating to stretch the limits of imagination. The exhibition highlights that the most invaluable treasure from past and present expeditions is the unexpected diversity of beauty, in all its forms.

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The Extinct Animal collection

Moooi fully shapes a three-dimensional world of creative luxury with the creation of Moooi Wallcovering!  Inspired by each other, Moooi and Arte achieve the highest standards of quality with the introduction of the Extinct Animal Wallcovering. The new wallcovering collection adds a new dimension to Moooi’s eclectic collections.

Together with Moooi Carpets and Arte, Moooi created designs for surfaces: a new collection of fabrics, leathers, wallcovering and carpets that bring the extinct animal back to life!