"A good product design should be a memorable process for the designer and meaningful for its user. Good design should be self explanatory."

Roderick Vos

Roderick Vos (Groningen, The Netherlands 5 Febr. ’65) started his study of Industrial Design at the currently known “Design Academy”  in Eindhoven The Netherlands in 1984. At ’87 he moves to Japan for 8 months, where he finds an excellent tutor in GK Industrial Associates/Tokyo, founded by Kenji Ekuan.
Partly Asian himself, this particular period gave evidently a larger impact for his personal interest in Asian Culture and it’s products.
In 1990 he graduates at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (division men & living), and starts together with his partner Claire Vos, an industrial designer too, his design office ‘Studio Roderick Vos’ , based in s'Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

My convictions:
“In my opinion design should be humble; it fails often as designers try to hard to create in their words “design”. I try to create products with magical simplicity; products should be able to tell their own “story” to the consumer.
I hate most times the intellectual approach towards ‘design matters’.
It feels difficult, but also not neccesary for me, to explain my philosophy towards others concerning ‘making products and why’ The endresult/product should be self explanatory. I personally always question the legitimacy of a product before I introduce it to my clients.
One thing is for sure: emotion is definitely the most important key to a succesfull product.

Experimentation/working method
I like the idea/theory of ‘evolution’ in products:
‘does a product have the right to ‘live’ and be produced”.
In my workshop and create real 3d sized prototypes. I love craft, and at the same time innovative industrial techniques, This is the trademark of my work.
This method broadens my imaginary view on ‘design’, and the knowledge I gain this way, is quite an advantage to me personally, and my products!



products by roderick vos

Big Bold by Roderick Vos
Little Bold by Roderick Vos
Menorah Bold by Roderick Vos