Dodo Pavone

Meet Dodo Pavone

The Dodo Pavone’s life was a dream come true. Imagine living for millions of years on the exotic island paradise of Mauritius, quietly strolling around in a luscious forest and along a crystalline sea. Then visualize being the biggest and strongest animal of the island, in harmony with your surroundings, feeling like the king of the world...

They were never in a hurry. If they had to go somewhere, the entire family would follow, gently wobbling along, curious and fearless. It has been reported that the first time a Dodo Pavone saw a human being, he just wobbled straight up to him without hesitation, even giving a small nod, almost saying: “hi!”

They were amiable, friendly in appearance. Their natural outfit was a soft plumage of silvery feathers, with different nuances of grey, blue, beige and white, decorated with a cute pompom at the tail. Their colourful, rounded beaks were greatly admired by the first settlers, who were known to collect Dodo eggs as vases for their prized tulips.


The Museum of Extinct Animals

With the Museum of Extinct Animals Moooi celebrates nature’s diversity, stimulating to stretch the limits of imagination. The exhibition highlights that the most invaluable treasure from past and present expeditions is the unexpected diversity of beauty, in all its forms.

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The Extinct Animal collection

Moooi fully shapes a three-dimensional world of creative luxury with the creation of Moooi Wallcovering!  Inspired by each other, Moooi and Arte achieve the highest standards of quality with the introduction of the Extinct Animal Wallcovering. The new wallcovering collection adds a new dimension to Moooi’s eclectic collections.

Together with Moooi Carpets and Arte, Moooi created designs for surfaces: a new collection of fabrics, leathers, wallcovering and carpets that bring the extinct animal back to life!


New designs inspired by Dodo Pavone

Wallcovering 'Dodo Pavone'
by Arte (Coming soon)

Carpet 'Dodo Pavone'
by Moooi Carpets

Dodo Pavone fabric
Extinct Animal Fabric collection

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