The Elita driver

Biggest changes compared to the old dimmer

The advantage of the new power supply is that it works on trailing-edge, where the old power supply works on leading-edge. Trailing-edge drivers (power supplies) are much more compatible with dimmers on the current market than leading-edge drivers (power supplies). They provide a much smoother dimming control.

Elita driver specs

Electrical characteristics

Parameter Condition
Input Voltage 200-265 VAC ~ 50/60HZ
Input Current 0,18A max. (@200VAC)
Power Factor  0,88 @ nop phasecutting
THD < 20% at 265 VAC
Out. Power rating 25 Watt @Full on
Output Voltage 6V +/- 8,2%
Output Current 0,6A ≤ lo ≤ 4,15 @ 6V
Ripple & Noise Flicker @ Max. Load < 35%
Inrush Current Ip ≤ 7,5A with T50 ≤30 μs


Functionalities of the Elita driver

  • The Elita driver is a constant voltage driver.
  • The Elita driver uses mains dimming and is compatible with most domotica systems.
  • The Elita driver should prove to have a longer lifetime than previous magnetic drivers.
  • The Elita driver reduces the amount of wrong connections by the installer due to simpler wiring.

For more information about how the new canopies for the driver look like, visit our page We're improving our lighting collection.