Heracleum II white on front view

Heracleum II Suspended

Nature meets technology in the Heracleum II Suspended by Bertjan Pot. This airy LED lamp is inspired by the flowering plant of the same name that can grow as high as 5 metres. The wh…

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Heracleum II Suspended


Heracleum II Suspended is available in 3 colours and 2 models.
Heracleum II suspension light white on grey background detail 1
Heracleum II Small suspension light Nickel front side


Heracleum is powered by Electrosandwich, a technique of coating conductive layers, very thin and delicate. A design not possible with normal wires.

The Heracleum family

A perpetual blossom of branches. There is hardly a limit to what Heracleum can now achieve by developing in straight lines, hanging in circles and forming square geometric shapes.

Seen in the wild

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