Heracleum II suspension light Copper front side 1

Heracleum II Suspended

Nature meets technology, as this LED lamp is inspired by the Heracleum Plant. The white leaves ramify from one branch creating a very technical, natural structure. Nature is a miracl...

Heracleum II Suspended


Heracleum II Suspended is available in 2 colours and 2 models.
Heracleum suspension light detail 2
Heracleum II Small suspension light Nickel front side


Heracleum is powered by Electrosandwich, a technique of coating conductive layers, very thin and delicate. A design not possible with normal wires.

The Heracleum family

A perpetual blossom of branches. There is hardly a limit to what Heracleum can now achieve by developing in straight lines, hanging in circles and forming square geometric shapes.

Seen in the wild

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