Meet Gabriele Chiave

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Driven by the comprehensive nature of design and a desire to ignite meaningful interaction between products and their users, Creative director of Marcel Wanders studio Gabriele Chiave knows no boundaries. He wants design to touch your heart and soul and give love to the people.

Meet Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director of Marcel Wanders studio 2021

Hey Gab, tell us who you are

Gabriele Chiave: My name is Gabriele Chiave, I’m Creative Director at Marcel Wanders studio in Amsterdam. Marcel Wanders studio is a hub of crazy, creative and amazing people and designers. And we’re active in interior design, product design, and art direction.


What brought you to design?

Gabriele Chiave: What I love in design is connecting dots, finding solutions, solving problems, bringing beauty and giving love to people and creating gifts and that’s what we do at Marcel Wanders studio.

Working at Marcel Wanders studio, what is your common goal?

Gabriele Chiave: We aim to add a human touch to our designs; to reach people in their heart and their soul, tapping into their emotions, tapping to the irrational side of their brain more than the rational one.


What designs have you introduced lately?

Gabriele Chiave: Last year we launched the Hubble Bubble with Moooi. Hubble Bubble light is a very poetic light, it’s a very ethereal light. It’s like seeing a little cloud of soap bubbles in the air floating. It’s a lamp that is based on the ElectroSandwich technique and you can it hang from different angles.

Marcel Wanders studio’s Hubble Bubble can be hung from different angles.


Gabriele Chiave: ElectroSandwich is a technique that gives a metal structure a skin that allows electricity to go through magically without cables.

that Sounds revolutionary!

Gabriele Chiave: It is! It really enhances a design’s aesthetic because there’s no need for additional cables. ElectroSandwich makes designs fit in any kind of space and gives that beauty and poetry to the environments where it’s hanging.

What else have you introduced?

Gabriele Chiave: Also in 2020, we launched modular sofa system Sofa So Good. It’s a very elegant, simple, but very sophisticated sofa that looks comfortable and feels even more comfortable. Is has amazing details and so many opportunities of using Moooi textiles and finishes. The whole system comprises multiple sofa modules, a footstool, tables, and shelves. It’s an enormously versatile system, so it really fits anyone’s home, including mine.

Gabriele Chiave on Sofa So Good in Denim in his own home in Amsterdam (NL) 2021

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