Moooi Carpets

The Moooi brand has always been about bringing additional beauty to people’s lives by decorating homes, offices and hotel rooms with iconic and innovative pieces of furniture and lighting. Now the moment has come for Moooi to annnounce the birth of Moooi Carpets. A brand new company with a refined carpet collection with a rich assortment of unique, breathtaking designs, which accomplish the same 'Moooi' effect by generating beauty in an iconic way and fulfilling wishes in terms of quality, uniqueness, design variety and project specifications.

Moooi Carpets reinvents the carpet and opens up new horizons in the design world by introducing a technology that generates extremely high definition prints, which can even result in photo realistic flooring solutions. All the carpets combine an endless mix of colours thanks to the use of a groundbreaking high definition Chromojet printer and its accurate tones, which generate a playful illusion of depth. The collection counts on a broad variety of possibilities, being composed by three different families: the Signature, Moooi Works and Your Own Design. Each family group offers a number of different solutions to meet the many demands of projects and individual taste. 'Design your own carpet, retouch a Moooi Works carpet with 648 different colours or buy your favourite Signature carpet print. Moooi Carpets offers a collection of outstanding quality and beauty, with a wide range of carpet designs and countless customizing possibilities to always find the perfect match for any kind of interior.

This is just the beginning of a new platform that will lead to the most unique ways of creating, customizing and developing flooring solutions. In the near future Moooi Carpets expects to grow in different directions by exploring even more options to offer carpets matching everyone’s wishes and dreams. Moooi Carpets proposes a vast, exclusive carpet collection, from signature jewels that always leave guests breathless to beautiful designs that finish off an interior with a dash of colour and heaps of style!