Moooi Hotel Cosmetics

Imagine checking in to a beautiful hotel room after a busy day spent in an unfamiliar city. You close the doors of your hotel room and experience a sense of peace and quiet. While you freshen up with your Moooi Hotel Cosmetics, tastefully presented in your en suite, you feel at home. The scent filling your mind with memories of home. Think of what it is when this familiar scent embraces you, saying welcome home. 

Moooi aims to bring additional beauty to lives with extraordinary designs for homes, offices and hotel (rooms). Iconic and innovative pieces adorn many hotel lobbies across the globe, creating an unexpected welcome. Moooi has extended the unexpected welcome to hotel rooms, with Moooi Hotel Cosmetics. A line of sumptuous beauty products for luxury hotels. 

Moooi Hotel Cosmetics 30ml Tubes

In a world that moves a hundred miles an hour it’s essential to remember who we are and where we belong. Even in the most remote and exotic hotels it is only natural for us to search for the welcoming, familiar warmth of our environment.  

To create the essence of feeling at home, Moooi distilled its own scent. Light top notes of bergamot, cardamom and nutmeg, a heart of warm lavender and cedarwood, complementing the elegant base of patchouli, tobacco and musk. A scent that not only makes you feel at home, but gets your positive energy flowing while adding an extra touch of beauty and comfort to your life. 

During the production of its beauty products Moooi supports an environmentally friendly policy. The Moooi Hotel Cosmetics line is sold by our license partner Luxury Hotel Cosmetics 

Moooi Hotel Cosmetics Webshop Lotion en Hand wash

Feel at home... At home 

Our trademark scent is available in our webshops as Luxury Hand & Body Wash & Indulging Hand Lotion, for you to create even more memorable cosy moments at home. Click below to visit our webshop in your region. 


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Unfold – Walking textiles 

Unfold by Renate Volleberg

A playful, laser cut pattern ensures the Unfold slippers by Renate Volleberg accurately adapt to your feet and enclose them in warm, soft felt fabric. Unfold slippers keep your feet comfortable at home and are your faithful companions your journeys. 

The unfold slippers by Renate Volleberg is part of the Moooi Hotel Cosmetics line which is available at our license partner Luxury Hotel Cosmetics