Moooi Wallcovering broadens Moooi’s design horizons by adding a new vertical dimension. Within the Extinct Animal collection, each pattern is inspired by the characteristics of one animal. Striking combinations of colours, features and patterns of its fur, plumage or skin bring it vividly back to life on our walls. Some designs narrate a story; others stimulate our senses through the use of imagery and textures. Discover the Extinct Animals Wallcovering Collection!


The Museum of Extinct Animals

The Extinct Animals Wallcoverings are inspired by Moooi’s Museum of Extinct Animals. With the Museum of Extinct Animals, Moooi celebrates nature’s diversity, stimulating to stretch the limits of imagination. Highlighting that the most invaluable treasure from past and present expeditions is the unexpected diversity of beauty, in all its forms. The Museum of Extinct Animals served as the main inspiration for three Extinct Animals Collections: Extinct Animals Fabrics, Extinct Animals Wallcoverings, and Extinct Animals Carpets.

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