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When two top design brands join forces, something special may be expected. This is certainly true for the cooperation between Moooi and Arte with the Extinct Animals Wallcovering Collection.

The Extinct Animal Wallcovering collection broadens Moooi’s design horizons by adding a new vertical dimension. Within the Extinct Animal Wallcovering collection, each pattern is inspired by the characteristics of one animal. Striking combinations of colours, features and patterns of its fur, plumage or skin bring it vividly back to life on our walls. Some designs narrate a story; others stimulate our senses through the use of imagery and textures.

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About Arte

Arte is a passionate manufacturer of sophisticated wallcoverings. Known for their superior quality and high-end patterns, Arte wallcoverings adorn the walls of residential homes and project interiors all over the world. Inspired by each other, Moooi and Arte achieve the highest standards of quality with extraordinary, innovative designs resulting in the luxurious Extinct Animals Wallcovering Collection Extinct Animals.

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