8 May, 2018

Moooi in Milan during Salone del Mobile 2018

Our 2018 presentation during Salone del Mobile in Milan, or Milan design week as referred to by some, was a great adventure! We hope we've inspired you with our exciting new collaborations and new product designs & extensions. To extend this mystical adventure a bit more, we've collected several ways for you to travel back to via Savona 56 (once more).

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17 April, 2018

Salone del Mobile 2018

Moooi Salone del Mobile 2018

A Life Extraordinary!

Experience a timeless adventure during Salone del Mobile 2018! 
From the 17th to the 22nd of April we invite you to join us at via Savona 56 in Milan.

This year Moooi launches precious new designs and product extensions, to be explored and treasured. Alongside our exciting novelties, there are many more worlds to discover!

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1 February, 2018

Designers Mix & Mingle

We've ended your inspirational day during Furniture Fair 2018 in our recently opened Stockholm Showroom. It was a special gathering with our extraordinary designers and enjoyed raising a glass with you!

It's possible to take a look at the photos of the night in the photo album on Facebook.

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1 February, 2018

Design Dreams 3rd edition

Design Dreams Moooi Stockholm Showroom

Here's to another night of design inspiration and celebration!
Dezeen & Moooi will discover how successful designers turned their dreams into reality.  In the third edition of Design Dreams, Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs spoke to Italian designer Luca Nichetto from Nichetto Studio.

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6 December, 2017

Design Dreams 2nd edition

Last week during the 2nd edition of Design Dreams Dezeen editor-in-chier Marcus Fairs spoke to Dutch designer Rick Tegelaar about what inspired him to become a designer and the story behind the Filigree Floor Lamp and his upcoming Meshmatics Chandelier for Moooi.

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1 November, 2017

Moooi X Gentle Monster

Moooi X Gentle Monster


On November 9th, 2017, Moooi and Gentle Monster are launching the Third Eye Collection – a new line of sunglasses inspired by ancient Egypt and the mysticism of the third eye. It is infused with the two brands’ shared vision and philosophy of creative luxury and high-end experimentation.

Moooi and Gentle Monster's shared unique vision, brand expression and philosophies made them a natural, fitting match. With strategic collaborations such as this, Moooi is repositioning itself as a lifestyle brand, aimed at making every aspect of life extraordinary.

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19 October, 2017

Moooi Opens New Showroom in Stockholm!

After taking the design world by storm in London, Amsterdam, New York and Tokyo, Moooi has travelled northward and finally arrived in Stockholm. The showroom will serve as a hub of inspiration, creativity and great design.

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20 September, 2017

Dadara x Moooi Carpets Launch

Open your mind - So we can use your data

We hope you will join us for a joint celebration of our latest exciting creative collaboration.
What started as unique acrylic paintings representing a frenzied world in round mandalas
has been developed into a line of 6 Signature Carpets, hand-picked by Marcel Wanders.
Gaze upon the original paintings at the KochxBos Gallery and continue
on to view the finished carpets at the Moooi Amsterdam Showroom & Brand Store.
Saturday, September 30th

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21 August, 2017

Moooi X London Design Festival 2017

Keep an eye out...

Come closer and gaze into a world of mesmerizing detail.
Let us put your eyes to work! Moooi presents an interactive installation that invites you to come closer and capture a magnified image of your own unique iris to be shared with you and added to our compilation of London's Eyes!

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