The Button is nominated for a Dutch Design Award!

28 May, 2019

The Button, Moooi's digital proof of authenticity, is nominated for a Dutch Design Award in the category Service & Systems 2019! 

The Button - Digital proof of authenticity
In a world where mass production and fakes are becoming increasingly common, Moooi invests in (the future of) original design. The Button: Digital proof of authenticity arose from this motivation. Moooi realized that instead of fighting off copies, the smarter choice would be to shift the focus on emphasizing their own designs. Protecting Moooi designs with clever technology, while providing proud Moooi product owners digital proof of their investment. 

The Button contains NFC technology and subsequently accompanies all designs made by the maker. It can be adopted by other brands and designers because it gives objects a unique identity. It, therefore, protects original designs, as well as providing proof of authenticity for the buyer of (design) pieces. The Button can be read by almost every smartphone and tablet and is easy to use. Read more about The Button.



About the Dutch Design Awards
The Dutch Design Awards (DDA) has been leading in the recognition of excellent Dutch design for years. DDA not only looks to the future but also to the past: to design traditions and the significant impact the Dutch design mentality has on the world.

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