Hana Armchairs, Kaipo TOO & Pooof are launched worldwide in September!

16 August, 2019

In September Moooi launches three original new designs; the Hana Armchairs, Kaipo TOO, and Pooof. The worldwide launch will take place in several locations: London, Paris, New York, Amsterdam and Helsinki. All designs will be visible and available the moment they're launched!

What's your quiet place?

The Hana Armchairs, designed by Simone Bonanni, is Moooi's ultimate resolution to our busy and hectic lifestyles. We all have that quiet place in your mind, where you feel peaceful. Wouldn't you want to make that imaginative place tangible? A physical place that pulls your mind in that tranquil state by just being there? Hana invites you to enter your own peaceful place. To breathe and relax in your own little corner of the world.

"Because no great thing is created suddenly"

The Hana will be accompanied by the Kaipo TOO. A hand-blown lighting object by Dutch designer Edward van Vliet that took years to perfect and is Moooi's greatest endeavour to date. The Kaipo TOO's choice in design and preferred materials proved to be a challenge. Therefore, Moooi searched the globe for the best and high-skilled craftsmen to make sure the Kaipo TOO came out exactly the way it is intended: strong, beautiful and delicate.

Completing the set is the Pooof, the perfect companion for any sofa and seater. Its interchangeable upholstery, easy-going design, and height makes the Pooof the perfect buddy for almost every sofa in the Moooi collection.

Discover the Hana, Kaipo TOO and Pooof yourself!

Visit one of the events, fairs or Moooi Brand Stores and discover our new designs!

5 - 13 September Made in Design by Printemps, Paris
11 - 15 September  Helsinki Furniture Fair, Helsinki
From 12 September Moooi New York Showroom & Brand Store, New York
From 12 September Moooi Amsterdam Showroom & Brand Store, Amsterdam
12 - 21 September  Moooi London Showroom during LDF, London

Nothing nearby? 

Click the world map below and find one of our premium partners that showcase the Hana Armchair the moment it's launched!

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