Moooi Originals - Discover the Heracleum

1 July, 2019

Moooi presents Moooi Originals: known and loved Moooi products, now accompanied by The Button, digital proof of authenticity. This month the ethereal Heracleum, designed by Bertjan Pot takes the stage. 

The Heracleum family  

A design inspired by the Hogweed plant that began as a material experiment. The Heracleum, by Bertjan Pot, ended up being technologically revolutionary as well as graceful and ethereal. Designed with nature in mind, the beautiful blossoms are eternalized and bring an everlasting spring indoors. 

All Heracleum lights are powered through Electrosandwich, a technology developed by Moooi which allows the LEDs to be powered directly through layers of conductive material within the frame. No additional wires needed! 

Click below to find your nearest Moooi dealer on our contact page and discover the Heracleum nearby!

Moooi Originals 

What are Moooi originals? Every design in our collection is an original Moooi design, but a few of those designs grew out to be Moooi fan-favourites. Extraordinary designs, well-loved by people all over the world!  

The Heracleum family now comes with The Button! 

Our well-loved designs, unfortunately, come with a downside: counterfeits. But instead of fighting off copies, we decided to shift the focus on emphasizing our designs, so we created The Button!  

The Button: Digital proof of authenticity, contains NFC-technology that gives products their own digital identity! Gradually The Button will accompany every design in our collection, but the Moooi Originals are the first designs in our collection that come with The Button. Read more about The Button

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