Moooi presents: The Button

23 November, 2018

Moooi believes in good design and the sustainability of the creative processes that lead to good design. Design brands and designers deserve protection to keep creating new products and investing in marketing their designs.

Born in the secret labs of Moooi, we’ve created The Button. This charming Button is a personal safe-keeper of investing in authentic design. The Button is a hi-tech superhero that will accompany every Moooi design. It may be small, but don’t let its size fool you as it gives designs their unique identity and acts as proof of authenticity. The Button works with NFC-technology, that due new Secure Unique NFC message feature, cannot be copied.

Moooi realized that instead of fighting off copies, the smarter choice would be to shift the focus on emphasizing their own designs. Protecting Moooi designs with clever technology, while providing proud Moooi product owners digital proof of their investment. And just like that, The Button was born. The digital safe keeper of an investment in the future of authentic design. 

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