Moooi & Unseen welcome Martin Usborne & Isabelle Wenzel!

19 September, 2016

Unseen Photo Fair and Moooi are pleased to invite you to the exhibition at Moooi's Amsterdam showroom and brand store.

Moooi will explore the relationship between the worlds of design and photography by showcasing a selection of works by Unseen 2016 artists Martin Usborne & Isabelle Wenzel. 

The exhibition will continue until Saturday 8th October.

Click here to see the event photography.


Showroom & Brand Store
Westerstraat 187, Amsterdam


AMSTERDAM, SEPTEMBER 2016 – Always keen to be involved in Amsterdam’s cultural life, Moooi takes the opportunity to collaborate with Amsterdam’s Unseen Photo Fair and to exhibit works of two emerging artists present at the fair. Unseen is a Photo Festival and Fair founded in Amsterdam in 2012, which has since gained international recognition as a platform for contemporary photography. Both established and new artists who use photography as their media of expression find in Unseen a place to showcase their images to a wide audience of professionals, collectors, and visitors with a passion for photography.

Photography has played an invaluable role in Moooi since the establishment of the company. The brand’s catalogues and advertisements have always used a distinctive kind of imagery to convey the core message of being playful and daring. It is only natural that Moooi’s creative team have chosen to use their space to exhibit the art of two photographers in the context of the latest design collection, placing the furniture around large prints of the works across the Amsterdam Showroom & Brand Store. A dialogue between the two disciplines is established in an unexpected installation, which provides food for thought to those with an interest in discovering surprising links and affinities.

The cutting edge artists chosen are German born Isabelle Wenzel (Galerie Bart) and the British photographer Martin Usborne (Flatland Gallery).  Both photographers show distinctive works, and share certain recurrent themes with Moooi: Emotion, Unexpected Welcome or Rebellious Harmony. The parallels between their pieces and Moooi’s designs are at times explicit, and sometimes subtle. The connection is to be found at an emotional level. Kindred spirits who recognise one another through, a subtle gesture, a suggestion.

Martin Usborne will be showing his series Where Hunting Dogs Rest in which he documents Spanish hunting dogs. Every winter throughout Spain it is estimated that up to 150,000 hunting dogs are abandoned or killed at the end of the hare-coursing season when they are no longer needed, perform badly or are too old. Usborne has photographed them with grace, including  the landscapes where they were abandoned. The images are shot in a style that references the tone of Old Masters paintings from the 17th century. This puts them in touch with Moooi’s philosophy of connecting the past and the future. There is a quiet feeling in the works that Moooi understands and links with delicate products in softer colours that enhance the harmony between them and the artworks.

Isabelle Wenzel will show a new series of her studies on the human body. Her approach has a surreal, unpredictable mood, which again resonates with Moooi’s style. She likes to use surprising combinations in pictures in which her face is never shown and her legs feature as the main character. The pictures are often quite colourful, and Moooi is showing them accordingly next to vibrant and quirky pieces of the collection with which they share a similar attitude. 

How the ordinary everyday becomes extraordinary is the thread that gives consistency to the show.  Put your mind and your eye to work. Inspiration is served!