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13 August, 2013
Moooi Amsterdam Levi van Veluw

You are welcome to the world of Moooi Amsterdam to discover our brand new collection!

Step into the centre of Moooi's heart and discover a universe containing extraordinary, playful realities in different scales and compositions. Our greatest passion and purpose is to bring an extra O of beauty and uniqueness to the world.
Take your time to discover and enjoy our inspiring stories, unexpected shapes & exciting style.
So walk further, into our light... into our dreams... 

With its 700m2 Moooi Showroom Amsterdam stands out as a glorious space in the colorful district "De Jordaan", known for its tiny picturesque boutiques, stores, restaurants and art galleries. Opening the door of Moooi Amsterdam is like stepping into the centre of Moooi's heart and into a world containing extraordinary, playful realities in different scales and compositions. The perfect location to house not only a great part of the collection, but also Moooi's feeling, history, creativity, style and vision of the future.

Moooi Amsterdam reveals how an interior can be magically transformed into an iconic, rich and colourfully dressed living quarters. Moooi’s interior environments are decorated with an inspiring variety of patterns and colours to embrace any kind of space and make people of different ages, cultures and personalities fall in love with their homes. Everyday interiors can be completely furnishing with items from the current collection & many new, exciting creations.

Hans Boodt mannequins made themselves at home at Moooi Amsterdam, bringing an extra feeling of intimacy to the interior settings and resembling peoples’ personality, style & taste. Real and surreal at the same time! This presentation at

Moooi Amsterdam also brings together photography of the multidisciplinary Dutch artist Levi van Veluw. Interior design meets once again artistic photography and they connect, creating the perfect balance between two inspiring, stylish and playful worlds. Van Veluw photographs suggest a narrative world behind the portraits. The portraits unfold stories and feelings on a large scale, reaching a height of 2.5 meters especially for this exhibition.

Moooi Amsterdam is the perfect setting to house Moooi's collection and deliver an authentic & lively brand experience. A meeting point full of ideas and inspiration for press, architects, designers, design lovers and Moooi's friends & fans. 

Moooi Amsterdam is a creative platform; if you are looking for a unique, sparkling an inspiring venue in Amsterdam contact us.

Visit our showroom located at the Westerstraat 187, Amsterdam, to discover the world of Moooi!

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