Worldwide Launch of the Iconic Eyes 13 March

28 February, 2019
We’re excited to announce the official launch of the Iconic Eyes on 13 March 2019. An iconic design deserves an iconic introduction. Together with the Bavarian National Museum, Moooi will launch the Iconic Eyes in its hometown Munich, Germany by hosting a Q&A (in German).

The Iconic Eyes, designed by Bernhard Dessecker 
The Iconic Eyes as produced by Moooi consists of numerous lenses and a constellation of LED lights. The lights are moulded in an oval shape and create an ambient glow enhanced by bright rings of light. The Iconic Eyes comes in two sizes; 85 and 161, named after the number of lights in both sizes.

Iconic headlights
The design of the Iconic Eyes is inspired by BMW’s iconic headlights. The first prototype dates back to 2013. Even though the design was not directly manufactured, it continued to draw attraction in the Bavarian region. It caught the Bavarian National Museum’s attention, who have purchased various editions of the design for their new foyer.

Official Launch
The official launch of the design will be held at the Bavarian National Museum on 13 March from 18 to 21 hours. Next to this the design will be celebrated at locations worldwide.
To mark this joyous moment a Q&A with Bernhard Dessecker, Dr. Frank Matthias Kammel, director of the Bavarian National Museum and Marcel Wanders will take place. Moderator will be Emre Onur, chief-editor of Licht. Join the worldwide and RSVP by clicking the button below.


See you there!
The Moooi Team


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