Raimond Tensegrity Floor Lamp R89 front side

Raimond Tensegrity

The Raimond light is a perfect sphere of mathematical ingredients punctuated by tiny LED lights. The Raimond is specially detailed to spread warm white light in every direction. Looking a...

Raimond Tensegrity

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Raimond Tensegrity Floor Lamp detail 2
Interior of Amsterdam Showroom with Raimond Tensegrity floor lamp, Raimond suspension light and Something Like This Sofa


The interconnected wooden structure uses tension and pressure in order to retain its shape and carry the metal sphere.

the Raimond family

Raimond deserves to be clustered and is available in 6 suspended variants. Raimond is also available in the shape of the Zafu Raimond and as floor lamp Raimond Tensegrity. Combine a couple of Raimonds...
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