20 January, 2022

New Moooi Wallcovering collection ‘Memento Moooi’ breathes life and kindness into your home

New Moooi Wallcovering collect…

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Early spring 2022, lifestyle brand Moooi launches the Memento Moooi Wallcovering collection. Inspired by five kind and loving Extinct Animals, the collection comprises six different wallcoverings made from original and unexpected materials. Memento Moooi is the third wall covering collection by Moooi. The collection will be presented on 20 January and available early spring 2022.

A collection that makes your home celebrate life

The Memento Moooi Wallcovering collection will remind you to cherish each moment, make amazing memories, and celebrate life for as long as it lasts. Every design is inspired by the characteristics of an Extinct Animal. The Memento Moooi Wallcovering collection comes in different colours and is made with a variety of materials: wood veneer, sisal, gold foil, pleated paper, and textile. Some designs in the collection narrate a story, and others stimulate your senses with imagery and textures. The result? Striking tactile designs that make an impact and breathe life and kindness into your home.

The Memento Moooi Wallcovering collection is inspired by the sharing Mimic Moth, loving Dandelion Cranes, social Golden Tiger, fearless Pogo Goats, and peaceful Queen Cobras. A medley of Extinct Animals that lived and loved like there would be no tomorrow.

“Memento Moooi is our third Moooi Wallcovering collection. It’s inspired by five brand new Extinct Animals that according to history were known for their kindness and love for life. Like our former collections, Memento Moooi is made from different unexpected materials, creating unique tactile experiences.”
– Christie Wright, Art Direction Moooi

Mimic Moth Wallcovering
The Mimic Moth Wallcovering is a 3D wall covering with a soft suede look, inspired by the Mimic Moth’s shape and habitat. The wall covering’s design comprises embossed Mimic Moths surrounded by their favourite flowers. The Mimic Moth Wallcovering is available in four different colourways.

Queen Cobra Wallcovering
The Queen Cobra Wallcovering is made from hand-woven sisal fibres, inspired by the Queen Cobra’s rhythmic curves and grassy habitat. The design comprises round overlapping shapes in a pattern with a hypnotic feel to it. The Queen Cobra Wallcovering is available in three different colourways.

Dandelion Cranes Wallcovering
The Dandelion Cranes Wallcovering is made from a pleated paper, inspired by the Cranes’ unique colouring and fanlike wings. The tactile design comprises overlapping paper pleats placed in a pattern that resembles feathered fans. The Dandelion Cranes Wallcovering is available in three different colourways.

Golden Tiger Wallcovering
The Golden Tiger Wallcovering is made from laser cut wood veneer with gold foil. Golden Tigers couldn’t bear to be parted from their loved ones, so the wallcovering depicts this friendly Extinct Animal surrounded by his animal friends. The Golden Tiger Wallcovering is available in three different colourways.

Pogo Goat Wallcovering
The Pogo Goat Wallcovering is a 3D wall covering with a soft chenille fabric, inspired by the Goat’s yearly migration. The intricate pattern has us guessing how ambitious the choreography of the dancing Pogo Goats really was. The Pogo Goat Wallcovering is available in three different colourways.

Memento Moooi Medley Wallcovering  
The Memento Moooi Medley is a gathering of all the Extinct Animals known for their unique kindness and love for life. Each animal knew how to cherish each moment of their lives and lived to make beautiful memories. Depicted amidst the softest of fluffy clouds, they continue their celebration of life. Or is it the afterlife? The Memento Moooi Medley is digitally printed on soft touch textile with a non-woven backing and available in three different colourways.

Moooi’s imaginative Extinct Animals

The five extinct animals that inspired Memento Moooi are recent additions to Moooi’s Museum of Extinct Animals. The Museum has been an endless source of inspiration for Moooi designs bursting with life, prints and colours.

Moooi sailed away on a bold adventure. What they found was a true treasure trove from the past; rare drawings of animals that went extinct. The unique drawings of these Extinct Animals were made available by museums from all over the world. Enchanted by ten brilliant extinct animal drawings, Moooi created designs inspired by the animals’ unique characteristics, such as carpets, fabrics, accessories, and wall coverings.

The Moooi Wallcovering collections expand the world of Moooi

Moooi Wallcovering, with its imaginative patterns and revolutionary materials, broadens design horizons by adding a new vertical dimension of creative luxury. Since its introduction in 2018, Moooi Wallcovering has put Moooi firmly on the map as an all-encompassing lifestyle brand. The multi-sensory world of Moooi is ever expanding.

Memento Moooi is the third wall covering collection since 2018. The first, the Extinct Animal Wallcovering collection, was released in 2018. This collection was inspired by the first ten creatures in Moooi’s Museum of Extinct Animals. Early 2020, Moooi Tokyo Blue was launched. A Japanese-culture inspired capsule collection revolving around one Extinct Animal, the Indigo Macaque. The first two collections turned out to be a stellar success as they’re available over 60 countries worldwide. All Moooi Wallcovering collections can be found on Moooi.com.

Be the first to see the Memento Moooi Wallcovering collection

To celebrate this collection, Moooi Wallcovering hosts a pop-up showroom between 23 and 27 March in Paris.

Moooi Wallcovering Pop-Up Showroom
12, Rue de l’Abbaye
75006 Paris

About Moooi

For twenty years, Moooi has inspired and seduced the world with sparkling and innovative designs. The venture founded in 2001 is currently led by Marcel Wanders and Robin Bevers. Moooi is named after the Dutch word for beautiful – Mooi. The third ‘O’ in the brand name stands for an extra value in terms of beauty and uniqueness. Moooi does not tell designers what to do, but listens to what designers want to make, and realises their dreams. Eclectic and always on the edge of commercial reality and cultural interest. To trigger, to create conversation pieces which make your environment more special, a life extraordinary.

About Arte

Memento Moooi is produced and distributed by Arte International N.V. from Belgium. Arte achieved international fame as a designer of the most luxurious and sophisticated wall coverings. Known for their superior quality and exquisite designs, Arte wall coverings adorn the walls of residential homes and project interiors all over the world. With Moooi’s exciting concept, Extinct Animals paired with Arte’s expertise & dedication to luxury, we present this extraordinary Moooi Wallcovering collection.

Interview + More information

Interested to learn more about the Memento Moooi Wallcovering collection? Want to do a virtual coffee via zoom? Or have a burning question about a different topic? Contact Stèphanie de Kanter, global PR at Moooi, via press@ moooi.com or call +31 (0) 6 112 825 05.