Moooi Originals - Discover Our Dear Ingo

2 September, 2019

Moooi presents Moooi Originals: known and loved Moooi products, now accompanied by The Button, digital proof of authenticity. This month revolves around our Dear Ingo, designed by Ron Gilad.

Dear Ingo

The Dear Ingo, designed by Ron Gilad, is named after industrial designer Ingo Maurer. The 16 adjustable arms can be bent and lets your interior bask in light. Its size and ever-changeable shape make the Dear Ingo is an impressive eye-catcher.

This modern chandelier is a steady presence in Moooi collection since 2003 and is often compared to a spider. Industrial and iconic. Ron Gilad’s hybrid objects combine material with aesthetic play; they sit on the fat delicious line between the abstract and the functional.

Your Moooi Original is always close by

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Moooi Originals 

What are Moooi originals? Every design in our collection is an original Moooi design, but a few of those designs grew out to be Moooi fan-favourites. Extraordinary designs, well-loved by people all over the world!  

The Dear Ingo now comes with The Button! 

Our well-loved designs, unfortunately, come with a downside: counterfeits. But instead of fighting off copies, we decided to shift the focus on emphasizing our designs, so we created The Button!  

The Button: Digital proof of authenticity, contains NFC-technology that gives products their own digital identity! Gradually The Button will accompany every design in our collection, but the Moooi Originals are the first designs in our collection that come with The Button. Read more about The Button

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