Raimond II R61 suspension light front view

Raimond II

The Raimond lights: perfect spheres of mathematical ingredients punctuated by tiny LED lights. Designer Raimond Puts was not only intrigued by the shape of the geodesic dome, but also with the myst…

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Raimond II

A digital life extraordinary


Raimond II is available in 3 models.
Raimond II detail 7
Raimond II three sizes R43 R61 R89

Math that makes the night sky

Two steel spheres, interconnected with LEDs, form a thin and openwork triangular mesh that transport the electric current.

Perfect lighting for every moment & mood

With the optional Wireless Wall Switch, dimming is made even easier. With just one click you control the lights and mood.

The Raimond family

The Raimond family results from mathematical perfection and years of patience and dedication.

Seen in the wild

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