29 March, 2024

Furniture maker Pastoe acquired by Moooi and RSGA Design

Furniture maker Pastoe acquire…


There is a new future for Pastoe thanks to an acquisition by a joint venture between lifestyle brand Moooi and RSGA Design, consisting of Rietveld Originals, Spectrum, Gelderland and Atelier Artiforte.

On March 29, 2024, Moooi and RSGA Design reached a final agreement with curator Mr. Bas van Dijen of Okkerse & Schop Advocaten on behalf of the Pastoe estate on the aforementioned acquisition. 

Moooi and RSGA Design recognize the enormous potential to revive the Pastoe brand and its unique collection under their joint flag in the form of the new entity Pastoe Furniture BV. In the coming period, intensive work will be done to optimize the collection and restart production in an adapted form. Distribution will take place through the existing channels of both Moooi and RSGA Design.

It is a hard truth that bankruptcy always causes damage. Moooi and RSGA Design are well aware of this and will make every effort to consult with the parties involved where possible.

In a statement, Robin Bevers, CEO of Moooi, emphasizes the importance of respecting the past when shaping the future. "At Moooi we always strive to face the future with respect for the past. We want to connect the metaphors of yesterday with those of tomorrow, and thus create timeless creative luxury. Pastoe is an important brand with a rich history. We are pleased that together with our partners at RSGA Design, we have managed to preserve Pastoe for the Netherlands and for the world."

RSGA Design founder Titus Darley: “Pastoe is a traditional Dutch brand with international allure. It enriches our portfolio of strong design brands. Through the collaboration with Moooi, we are able to make Pastoe healthy again so that it regains the position that this unique furniture collection deserves.”

“The collaboration between Moooi and RSGA Design creates a powerful combination that makes sales of Pastoe furniture possible all over the world. This provides new possibilities and clear growth opportunities for the brand,” says an enthusiastic Titus Darley.

Moooi and RSGA Design will shortly inform various stakeholders (such as suppliers, consumers and dealers) separately about the new situation and any consequences.

The acquisition of Pastoe by Moooi and RSGA Design marks a new chapter in the history of this Dutch design legend, and promises an exciting future full of possibilities for lovers of high-quality and timeless design.