8 November, 2022

Sleep under the stars with Moooi’s brand-new Starfall Light by Front

Sleep under the stars with Moo…

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No more waiting for a star to fall! On 8 November 2022, lifestyle brand Moooi launches the Starfall Light by Front. The idea for this brand-new lighting design came to Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist from Front when they were stargazing in a dark forest. Inspired, they created an upsidedown chandelier that makes you feel as if you are sleeping or dining underneath a starry night sky. To celebrate the launch of the Starfall light, Moooi also releases a new short movie in their Design Dreams series. In the movie, Front elaborates on their journey with Moooi throughout the years and how their design dreams have come true. Starfall Light will be available worldwide from 8 November at Moooi.com,
Moooi Brand Stores, and Moooi dealers.

Moooi presents Starfall Light
The idea for Starfall came to Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist from Front when stargazing. They wondered if they could create a chandelier that would give you that feeling of sitting underneath a starry sky. They created the Starfall Light, an upside-down chandelier comprising multiple “stars”. With its slim arms that bend from different lengths, it resembles the night sky filled with falling stars. This circular suspension light contains multiple arms with LEDs. The LEDs in the arm end in decorative optic lenses that break and spread the light output. This aesthetic, combined with the rest of the modern chandelier being black with a subtle shimmer, gives it the feeling of looking at a brand-new

Nature, science, design
Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist spent a lot of time outdoors in the Swedish forests at night. With the low population density in the Nordic country, it was easy for them to find a spot in the forest where it was completely dark, void from any light pollution. It’s those places where the stars shine the brightest. Before creating the Starfall Light, Front worked on an installation for the Science Museum in London. Collaborating with the European Space Agency, they created a gigantic installation of the 800 closest stars to earth. Front were given a map with the distance of each star, and they hung light sources from different heights, to simulate a dimensional installation of those
800 stars. The installation sparked the first idea for the Starfall Light. To create a chandelier that resembled the night sky and give you that peaceful feeling.

“The sky in the forests is so much darker than in a city. The stars are so much more striking and prominent. Truly a magical feeling. And we wished to bring that feeling in our homes.”


Full control with the Wireless Wall Switch
Every moment of the day or even your mood requires specific lighting. With Moooi’s Wireless Wall Switch, you’ll have full control over your Starfall Light with one touch. There’s no need to change your home’s wiring. The Wireless Wall Switch component needs no electricity (excluding the 110V version). It works with an energy harvesting technique, which means when you use it; it charges itself. The full dimming range provides bright light perfect for when you’re working or cooking. And when night falls, you can dim your own night sky to match the moment with one simple touch.

Also by Front: Serpentine Light
The Swedish design-duo also released the Serpentine Light with Moooi earlier this year. The Serpentine Light is an airy suspension lamp, created by intricate twists and turns. The design originated from playing with a For all press inquiries and imagery please contact: Moooi HQ, press@moooi.com, T +31 (0)6 11 28 25 05 All information available at our press room area at moooi.com/press piece of paper—discovering the limits of the different shapes it could adopt. Inspiration came from using the tension of the paper itself, making the surface flow naturally; without losing the continuous flow. The Serpentine Light is also compatible with Moooi’s Wireless Wall Switch.

About Front
Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren are the members of the Swedish design group Front. Their design practice is based on common discussions, explorations, and experiments. When taking on a project, they are involved from the initial ideas to the final product. Front’s design objects often communicate a story to the observer about either the design process, the material it is made of or conventions within the design field. Significant in their work is the partial assignment of design process to animals, computers, or machines. Front handles various projects such as a constantly changing interior, exploding objects, robotic furniture and a range of furniture inspired by their fascination with magic.

About Moooi
For over twenty years, Moooi has inspired and seduced the world with sparkling and innovative designs. The venture founded in 2001 is currently led by Marcel Wanders and Robin Bevers. Moooi is named after the Dutch word for beautiful – Mooi. The third ‘O’ in the brand name stands for an extra value in terms of beauty and uniqueness. Moooi does not tell designers what to do, but listens to what designers want to make, and realises their dreams. Eclectic and always on the edge of commercial reality and cultural interest. To trigger, to create conversation pieces which make your environment more special. With their multi-sensorial approach, the lifestyle brand merges the physical with the digital. A Life Extraordinary!

About Design Dreams

The upcoming short movie about Front’s design dreams, is part of an ongoing collaboration between Dezeen and Moooi called ‘Design Dreams’ In the series Moooi explores how successful designers turned their dreams into reality. In 2022, Moooi also released a podcast series with the same name. In the Design Dreams podcast series focuses not only product designers, but creatives from different industries. They talk about their creative philosophies, where they get their inspiration and creativity from, how they envision the future, and what A Life Extraordinary means to them. Both the short movies and podcast are available on Moooi.com. The Design Dreams Podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Interview & more information
Interested to learn more about the Starfall Light? Want to do a virtual coffee via Zoom? Or have a burning question about a different topic? Contact Isabeau Duppen via press@moooi.com or call +31 (0)6 11 28 25 05.