Poetic composition Cloud Sofa and Moooi Wallcovering

Blushing Sloth Wallcovering

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Wallcovering Extinct Animals Blushing Sloth detail

Blushing Sloth Wallcovering

€ 49


Blushing Sloth Wallcovering is available in 4 colours.
Wallcovering Extinct Animals Blushing Sloth detail
Interior of New York Brandstore 2018 with framed drawing of Blushing Sloth
Interior of New York Showroom 2018 with Pet Lights on

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The full wallcovering collection can be discovered at moooiwallcovering.com

The Extinct Animals - Blushing Sloth family

Asleep most of the time, Blushing Sloths hardly caused a leaf to stir.

About the designer

“Serious about design, playful in our approach…”
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