Heracleum III The Big O front view

Heracleum III The Big O

In the Heracleum III The Big O, by Bertjan Pot, the flowering leaves are shaped in a blossoming crown. In the old days, a circular crown was a symbol of power, eternity, and glory. The Heracleum II…

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Heracleum III The Big O

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Heracleum III The Big O is available in 4 colours and 2 models.

Innovative technology

Heracleum III The Big O is powered by Electrosandwich, a coating of conductive layers on the branches that creates a clean silhouette.

Finds its place in any home

With its delicate lines and timeless colours there’s no space or interior where Heracleum III The Big O can’t blossom.

Wireless Dimming

The Heracleum III The Big O is compatible with our Wireless Wall Switch, for quick and easy dimming that gives you full control over the light output.

The Heracleum family

A perpetual blossom of branches. There is hardly a limit to what Heracleum can now achieve by developing in straight lines, hanging in circles and forming square geometric shapes.
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