When it comes to lighting and wall covering, the installation process is a critical component of bringing your vision to life. That’s why we offer professional installation services that are tailored to your specific need. Choose our services for a flawless execution of your brand-new Moooi lighting design or Moooi Wallcovering.

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Contact us via: amsterdamstore@moooi.com or give us a call on +31 (0)20 528 77 60.

moooi Lighting Installation

Use our installation services for the instalment of your brand-new Moooi lighting design. Sit back and relax as experts carefully handle the wiring, positioning, and installation of your lights so they work well and look great. We focus on safety and follow the industry standards. This way your lights will not only look beautiful but also meet all the electrical regulations. Choose our services to bring your vision to life and experience the difference a professional touch can make!

Moooi Wallcovering Application

Discover the ease of Moooi Wallcovering installation services, where style and precision perfectly blend. Our external teams skilfully apply the wall coverings from all Moooi Wallcovering collections, providing careful attention to every detail. From preparing surfaces to aligning patterns seamlessly and adding the perfect finishing touches, we ensure a flawless result. Our goal is to bring your chosen wall covering to life with expertise and artistry, creating an impressive and visually cohesive space.

Our dedicated team at Moooi Store Amsterdam team provide a comprehensive overview of everything our installation service entails, ensuring you receive the complete details. You can be sure our esteemed external experts carry out the installation with meticulous precision.

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Contact us via: amsterdamstore@moooi.com or give us a call on +31 (0)20 528 77 60.