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  • Payment Options

    What payment methods can I use?

    You can use Credit Card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, iDeal, or Paypal.

  • Shipping Options

    How much does the shipping cost?

    We offer Free Shipping on all orders over € 100. Orders that do not meet the € 100 threshold are charged at € 7,50 flat rate shipping fee.

    Pick Up at our Brand Stores is always free of charge.

  • Technical Support

    Can you buy Container Table Foot alone?

    Container Table Foot can only be bought as part of the complete table.

    Can Container Table accommodate use of electrical/ USB socket inserts?

    If cable management is required for your Container Table, please order special foot that will accommodate this.
    Please note, the table top itself is not adjusted and this has to be done by the customer.
    For further details, please contact your nearest Moooi sales point (www.moooi.com/store-locator).

    How do I clean my printed velour pillowcases?

    Fabric used for some of our decorative pillowcases is a 100% PES printed velour.

    Washing instructions:

    • Machine wash, reduced spin speed at 40 degrees Celsius or 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • Do not bleach.

    • Dry clean (all solvents except Trichloroethylene).

    • Iron at low temperatures.

    • Do not tumble dry.

    The washing powder should not contain any oxidizing or brightening agents.
    In case of dropped liquid or water on the fabric, remove all spills immediately by gently blotting with a clean dry cloth, do not rub.

    Do I need to order Container Table Foot if I am ordering Bodhi?

    Yes. Bodhi is decorative wood cover but cannot be used on its own and requires Container Table Foot.

    What cushions are included in the purchase of Love sofa?

    Love sofa comes with the three cushions shown on all our images included in the price.

    In which position can I hang Hubble Bubble light?

    You can hang Hubble Bubble in many positions whether fully vertical or fully horizontal and at any angle in between.  Please use only two cables to hang it vertically. For any other position, please use all three cables.

    What is the type of plywood used for Nut range?

    Plywood used in the Nut range has a birch cross grain processed inner core. The top layer is made of oak with the veins across its width.

    What type of feet pads do I get with Nut and Zio Lounge?

    Both chairs come fitted with plastic feet pads. However, felt feet pads are included so these can easily be exchanged to accommodate use on different surfaces.

    Can I choose the position of the Perch light birds?

    Placement of the birds in the Perch range is determined by the connection slots. However, the decision on how to arrange small and big birds and which direction they face, is entirely yours.

    Does Perch Tree light come assembled?

    Perch Tree light comes assembled and preference would be to have clear access point.
    In case this is not possible, branches could come off. Please note, this is a very delicate process during which light could be damaged. Therefore, Moooi does not recommend it and should this be done, it is at customer’s own risk. This would void the warranty provided. Please ask for further instruction from the Moooi team.

    How do I care for my leather sofa or chair?

    Leather becomes more beautiful with age when properly cared for. How to do this is explained in our Leather Care & Cleaning Guide.

    What is the size of the driver used in the Perch Wall light recessed version?

    Dimensions of the driver required to fit within the wall are 110 x 52 x 24mm.
    Fitting is suitable for hollow/ dry walls. We do not recommend using it with concrete or stone walls.
    For more information, please see installation manual downloadable from product’s page.

    What are the types of leather?


    Aniline is the term designated for leather that is tanned and dyed with no finish on top. The surface is completely natural, and the pores are open. This makes the leather 100% breathable and provides the best seating comfort.

    Made from the most high-end raw hides, Aniline leather boasts a natural surface, where the original markings add to an authentic look with loads of character. Each hide is one-of-a-kind and unique. Enjoy a subtle patina that emerges over time and with exposure to light on this comfortable, luscious leather you’ll love.


    Semi-aniline is the term designated for leather that is tanned and dyed followed by a pigmented finish and a topcoat. The surface is natural, and the pores are still visible and relatively open. The leather is still breathable.

    A light, transparent surface finish gives semi-aniline leather protection against stains and the effects of light while keeping its organic look and feel. The result is a gorgeous, full-grain leather that’s easier to maintain and more resistant to wear and tear, and a comfort factor that feels amazing.


    Leather with a protected surface is the term designated for leather that is tanned and dyed, followed by a strong, pigmented layer and topcoat (the amount of colour layers can vary). The surface is often corrected and/or embossed and the leather is slightly breathable.

    The ultimate for durability. Protected leather has a special surface treatment that guards against wear and tear, making it water repellent, dirt-repellent and stain-resistant. The leather is soft and comfortable, with a more uniform look to the surface. Meaning, the natural markings are minimal in leather that’s ultra-easy to look after, designed to last for generations.

    What is IP rating of Moooi luminaries?

    IP rating (Ingress Protection Marking) of Moooi lighting fixtures is IP20. This means the product is touchproof and resistant to dust or objects that are over 12mm in size.  It should be installed in dry locations only.

    What are the upholstery fabric options?

    For all our upholstered designs, you will find a configurator on product’s page where you can see available fabric options. Please note, most of our designs allow for the Customer Own Fabric/ Leather pending approval from our team. Please provide us with an A4 fabric sample before purchasing your fabric.

    What is the exact cable positioning of the Heracleum Big O, Small Big O and Endless?

    Some of our lights require more than one fixing point. Where this is the case, we have prepared a floor plan to scale. This can be downloaded on product page under ‘Download’ section and is included in the packaging of the product.

    Are your lights dimmable?

    Most of our lights are dimmable. For the ones that are fitted with LEDs, dimming driver specification can be found in the product detail page widget. However, for the lights that use standard bulbs, dimming function will depend on bulbs used.

    What are the wood finishes you offer?

    Wood finishes will vary depending on the product. Please refer to the product page widget.

    Where can I find technical specification of the fabrics and cleaning instructions?

    You can find technical specifications of the fabrics used in our collection listed on the fabric detail page. When viewing the product page, please click ‘view fabric options’ and select desired fabric range.

    This will show information like lightfastness, pilling, fire test, abrasion, composition and cleaning instructions.

    How do I connect two or more Heracleum Endless?

    Each Heracleum Endless light comes with a small connector part. This part is inserted at the ends of the two units to keep them in straight line. Once fitted, connector is hardly visible.
    Should you wish to connect two or more Heracleum Endless units on an angle (90 or 135 degrees), please order separate connector together with the lights.

    Please note, each light has two suspension points, one of which is an electrical connection.

    Do you do bespoke sizes or finishes?

    Apart from the upholstery, which is made-to-order and can use customer-own fabric options, we do not produce custom products. However, if you are a trade client requiring a large quantity for a project, please contact us at sales@moooi.com

    What colour are your LEDs?

    LED colour will depend on the product in question. Please check the information in the product detail page widget.

    The LEDs provided are dimmable, but their colour cannot change.

    Are your lights DALI compatible?

    To check if our lights are compatible with DALI systems, please refer to the specification on the product page.

    For all lights that do not come supplied with bulbs, compatibility will depend on the bulb purchased.

    My Filigree light does a brief flash when switched on. Is this a fault?

    When you turn on the Filigree light, it gives a brief flash of light. After that the Filigree lamp will light up normally. This is due to the technical requirements of the driver used and it is not a fault.

    My Filigree light has a tear in the diffuser. Can I change it?

    If your Filigree light diffuser gets a tear, you can order a repair set. The set also includes manual, gloves and rope. You can order it directly from Moooi or any of our official dealers.

    What does CRI mean?

    CRI stands for Colour Rendering Index and measures how light affects how you see colours. A CRI chart measures a scale from 0 to 100. The sun, specifically in the afternoon, has a CRI value of 100. The closer a light source is to 100 CRI, the better its colour rendering and the better your visual perception of colours. The LEDs in Moooi lighting designs have a value of about 80 to 90 CRI on the chart.

    For which designs can I use the Wireless Wall Switch?

    The Wireless Wall Switch is currently compatible with the drivers used in the following Moooi products:

    Heracleum III family

    Raimond II R43, R61, R89, Zafu and Dome

    Flock of Light 31

    Gravity Chandelier

    This is because these designs carry a driver that is compatible with the Wireless Wall Switch. Our goal is to gradually implement this driver into More Moooi Lighting designs. Read more about the Wireless Wall Switch here.

    What is an integrated LED?

    Integrated LEDs are built into the fixture itself. Whether these are replaceable or not will depend on the design of each light. You can change LEDs with some of our lighting designs. Please check in the product detail widget. However, these are always custom made and only available through Moooi.

    What are lumens?

    Lumens, also known as ‘brightness’ or ‘light output’, measure the amount of light coming from a light source. The brighter the light source, the more lumens it produces. LED light brightness is always expressed in Lumens. In order to calculate approximate comparison value to the incandescent bulbs, please refer to the table below.

    100-150 lumen -> approx 15 watt

    200-300 lumen -> approx 25 watt

    400-500 lumen -> approx 40 watt

    500-800 lumen -> approx 60 watt

    700-1000 lumen -> approx 75 watt

    Do your lights come supplied with different plug options?

    To see the specification of the plug used, please refer to the product page widget.

    Where can I see combination options for modular pieces of furniture and upholstery?

    All our modular pieces of furniture as well as upholstered designs have a configurator built in. We invite you to play with it and get creative!

    The link to the configurator is in the product page widget.

    Which dimmer can I use with my Moooi light?

    Due to the large variety of available dimmers on the market worldwide, Moooi is unable to test each individual brand/ model.

    For the lights using integrated LEDs, driver specification is in the product page widget. We therefore suggest you speak to your electrician to advise a compatible dimmer unit.

    For the lights that are not provided with bulbs, please refer to the specification of the bulb purchased.

    How long do LEDs last?

    Lifespan of LEDs depends on the product. You can find this information in the product page widget.

    What does input voltage mean?

    Input voltage is line voltage or the supply power input. It is the power that supplies a device, like a lighting fixture.

    What is The Button?

    The Button is Moooi’s secret agent that proves product’s authenticity. You can find it supplied with all Lighting and Furniture products. Tap it with your phone to register your product thus extending warranty.

    The Button can be found either on the cable or canopy with lighting designs and on sides or underneath with seaters , tables and other designs. Hold your phone over The Button (make sure you’ve got the NFC scanner turned on in your phone settings)
    Once The Button is scanned, you should see the link pop up on the screen of your device, which will forward you to our website. It will require you to register and upload the image of your receipt. Once our team checks all information, you will receive an email confirming your registration and extended warranty.

    The button works with NFC-technology, that due to new Secure Unique NFC message feature, cannot be copied. Scanning The Button can be done with an NFC compatible device (smartphone and/or tablet). On an Android device this is already installed. To use this on an older version of iPhone you might need to install an NFC app. Once you’ve got this option on your device, you should be able to scan the Moooi Button and register your product.

    In case you have issues with registration, please contact us vis service@moooi.com with details of the problem and type of the smartphone used.

    For more details, please click Introducing The Button: our digital superhero.

    Please note, The Button is not used to operate the light.

    Do you supply light bulbs?

    All designs using integrated LEDs are fitted with the light source.

    Moooi does not provide standard bulbs. However, Random light II is an exception as it comes with LED screw-on bulb.

    What is colour temperature / Kelvin?

    Colour temperature means how warm or cool the light is, measured in Kelvin (K). The scale of Kelvin for lighting measures from 1000K to 10.000K. 1000K being the warmest and 10.000K being the coolest colour temperature. Most lights in the Moooi collection have a colour temperature around 2700K. This is on the warmer side and provides a pleasant soft glow suited for domestic spaces.

    What is my warranty?

    Your warranty is 1 year. However, you can extend this by registering your product using The Button. For more details about The Button, please click here.

    Can I change LEDs?

    Our LED lights use integrated LEDs. Whether these are replaceable or not will depend on the design of each light. You can change LEDs with some of our lighting designs. Please check in the product detail widget. However, these are always custom made and spares are only available through Moooi.

    What are watts?

    Watts measure how much electricity (or energy) a light source consumes to reach its claimed brightness (lumens). The number of watts of a lighting design can be found in the specifications under power consumption.

    Where can I find more product details?

    More product details are available from the widget on product’s page. These include, for example, technical specification, drawings, installation manuals and images.

  • Trade Accounts

    How can I get a Trade Account?

    We are pleased to welcome architects, interior and lighting designers, as well as other trade partners. Please contact us on trade@moooi.com to enquire about setting up an account.