Anonymous voice messages, home recordings, sent on tape to loved ones, bring intimate and lingering feelings. Some words are easier just to forget, some tapes are meant to be played in a constant loop. Sit down, take a breath and experience Lost Recording No. 323: what memory comes to your mind?

This film is part of a series in which we explore the sensory understanding of tactility while bringing the stories found on lost recordings back to life.

Nothing is more personal and intimate than a memory. We discovered a collection of lost recordings and were induced by goose bumps. The once-so private voices on these crackly and confessional tapes filled us with a panoply of emotions. Like memories often evoke from the slightest touch or smell, we felt the urge to bring these recordings alive.

Characterised by elements of contemporary art and the vision of the directors, these films aim to linger on your mind with curious textures and intimate memories of the lost recordings… Discover stories of nostalgia, dreams and longing, memories and love.

Lost Recording No. 323

Lost Recording No. 323


Lily Coates
Gavin Youngs
aka The Apiary




Joris Kerbosch

Art Direction

Manolito Glas


Matthias Müller

Love Sofa High Back in Calligraphy Bird Fabric

Design by Marcel Wanders

Random Light II in Black

Design by Bertjan Pot

Calligraphy Bird Carpet

Design by Moooi
Moooi Carpets