Nothing equals that feeling of accomplishment when creating something with your own bare hands. It evokes a distinct satisfaction. That love for creating, for a material, for building something with only your hands and wits.

About Richlite

Richlite is an incredibly durable, extremely versatile, and highly sustainable material made from paper. Yes, paper! Many layers of high-quality custom craft and resin-infused paper. It’s composed of approximately 65% FSC-certified pulp or recycled paper and EcoBind resin technology. Richlite’s goal is to achieve success while leaving behind a smaller footprint.

No Screw No Glue celebrates that feeling of accomplishment you get when creating something new. The No Screw No Glue collection, comprising a cabinet and buffet, is made entirely from innovative and eco-conscious material Richlite. As the name implies, No Screw No Glue needs no screws or glue to build it and keep the elements together. You don’t need any tools either. The cabinet and buffet are made from several pieces you slide together.

No Screw No Glue Cabinet with paper play background

Do It Yourself with No Screw No Glue

Eco-conscious in more ways than one

No Screw No Glue is made from Richlite. A durable, versatile, and sustainable material made from recycled paper, responsibly harvested trees and EcoBind resin. It’s dense and durable, pleasing to the eye and touch with a natural aesthetic. Richlite is three times stronger than marine-grade plywood and works similar to incredibly dense hardwood. High-impact resistance and deflective & flexural strength make Richlite an extremely durable material. So, you can build to last. And as a flat pack, the No Screw No Glue Buffet & Cabinet take up as little space as possible when shipped.

Out with the new, in with the old

We’re flooded with new products daily. With so many designs to choose from, we’re distracted from what really matters: functional and durable design that is built to last. Designs to admire because of its handicraft and ingenuity. And, because we now know better, design that is produced with eco-conscious material.

Because it’s easy to forget the value and resourcefulness of designs that are already there, Joost van Bleiswijk honours an existing design of his. A design concept that has had a remarkable journey throughout the years already. A concept that proved its worth time and time again.

Keeping up with the times

Joost van Bleiswijk created his first No Screw No Glue designs in 2006. A range of furniture and objects made from stainless steel plates that you needed to slide together to construct. Out of respect of a design that has proven its timelessness and versatility repeatedly, No Screw No Glue makes another appearance. This time, durable and eco-conscious thanks to innovative material Richlite. To respect a design, but the environment as well.

About the designer

Joost van Bleiswijk was born in Delft and graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011. Since then, he has mainly invested in developing his own collections. “I find it interesting to work with construction methods to create techniques that work as dogma for my designs. I create contemporary versions of forgotten objects such as the grandfather clock, hourglass, chessboard and goblet. I draw inspiration from the past and study hundreds of years of product design to find archetypes and conclusions of shapes that lie in history. It’s not only the style of design I find very important but the object itself; I choose objects that tell a story.”

The Button

The No Screw No Glue Buffet and Cabinet come with The Button, Moooi’s digital proof of authenticity. The Button contains an NFC chip that makes counterfeiting impossible and makes certain it’s an original Moooi design.

Portrait designer Joost van Bleiswijk
Joost van Bleiswijk 2020