15 April, 2024

Moooi entices the senses with immersive 'Living Room' concept

Moooi entices the senses with …

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At A Life Extraordinary, visitors can experience a world where lighting, scent and surface tease and awaken our imagination and senses. During Milan Design Week, Moooi exhibits an immersive and inspiring display. The lifestyle brand continues to breathe life into design and bring the unexpected.

In this year’s exhibition, tactility is set to take centre stage. Moooi's promise of 'A Life Extraordinary' can be felt in every touch, weaving poetry into our lives. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey from 16 to 21 April at Salone dei Tessuti at Via San Gregorio, 29, 20124, Milan.

“Our showcase embodies the essence of 'The Living Room' a dynamic concept that transcends traditional design boundaries. At Moooi, we influence senses to create an immersive experience, infusing rooms with vitality and poetry. This year, we invite visitors to explore a multisensory journey where touch, sight, scent, sound and feeling converge to tell a uniquely human and personal story. Making tactility palpable, we are transforming every space into a living work of art infused with life.”

- Marcel Wanders, founder and creative director MOOOI

Moooi Presents the Green House Wallcovering Collection

Adorned with refined and elegant flora and fauna, the Green House is a bespoke wallcovering collection. This exquisite modern take on floral motifs and insects is set to furnish any wall with sophistication and tactility. With five distinct designs available, the collection encapsulates the essence of nature’s beauty and elegance. Each wall covering is a tribute to the intricate wonders found in the Green House, rendering ferns and flora into daily masterpieces. Available in high-quality materials such as wood veneer, boucle fabric, silk and jacquard textures, the Green House Wallcovering Collection exudes ethereal beauty akin to a Victorian conservatory. Featuring a tapestry of floral yet abstract patterns, each wall covering promises a sensory journey.

New: Big George by Cristián Mohaded

Visitors uncover generous seating with Big George by Cristián Mohaded. With its plush curves and genuine radiance, this gentle giant is ready to embrace you. Big George is set to transform any living room into a world of retreat and unwind.

Breaking away from conventional design, Big George renders character and cushiness to any home. Its casual yet voluminous shape adds an elegant touch to any interior. Available in a variety of upholstery options, this bespoke masterpiece caters to individual taste and lifestyle.

New: Tubelight by BCXSY

Designed by collective BCXSY, Tubelight is a modern take on fluorescent light. Born from a fascination with fluorescent tubes, and transcending them, Tubelight offers style and functionality and bends all the rules. Simple yet surreal, suspended yet fleeting, Tubelight sets itself apart from traditional lighting fixtures. It comes available in a 1,5-meter fixed or, 5-meter flexible LED tube. Its design adapts and adorns any space to become the eye-catching narrator of all stories.

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