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Hubble Bubble

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Hubble Bubble 11 suspension light Oil front view on

Hubble Bubble

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Hubble Bubble is available in 2 colours and 2 models.
Fill the air with everlasting bubbles
Marcel Wanders
Hubble Bubble 11 suspension light frosted light on detail
Hubble bubble 11 frosted in home setting applied


Hubble Bubble is powered through Electrosandwich® technology, so the bubbles don’t need any additional wiring
Hubble Bubble Oil suspension light detail 1 black background

Oil-iridescent or frosted bubbles

Each bubble is made from blown glass spheres and comes in oil-iridescent or frosted versions.
Hubble Bubble 11 suspension light frosted three lamps on

Endless possibilities

You can hang Hubble Bubble horizontally, vertically, and from any angle in-between.

About the designer

“The true quality and meaning of design is measured in the heart and head of our audience…”
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Portrait Marcel Wanders

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