Marcel Wanders created the Kisss Lounge Chair, a connectable upholstered seater that carries a subtle suggestion, as if it’s whispering, “Gimme a Kisss”. 

Introducing the Kisss Lounge Chair 
Marcel Wanders presents the Kisss Lounge Chair—an homage to Salvador Dali’s iconic Mae West Lips Sofa. A versatile connectable seater that adds a touch of artistic flair to any space.  

Kisses in all shapes and colours 

The alluring silhouette not only invites relaxation but also infuses a sense of love into any room. Choose the iconic red or dive into a selection of bold colours to match your interior palette. The chair comes with a bracket that allows you to effortlessly connect multiple Kisss Lounge Chairs in different shapes, enabling you to shape your space uniquely. 

The Kisss Lounge Chair is more than a seater; it’s a personalised artistic statement, offering a perfect blend of style and comfort tailored to individual preferences. Elevate your space with the distinctive design and captivating charm of the Kisss Lounge Chair. 

Kisss Lounge Chair 2023
Mukumi by Marcel Wanders 2023

My dearest reader, 

In the symphony of human connection, there is a timeless melody that plays softly across the tapestry of shared moments – the kiss. Allow me to express the profound admiration and affection I hold for this enchanting gesture that transcends the boundaries of time and culture. 

The kiss, in all its forms, paints the canvas of love and passion. It is a universal language that speaks volumes without uttering a single word. From the delicate exchange of invisible air kisses to the gentle pecks on cheeks, the kiss is a beautiful bridge that unites souls in romantic harmony. 

In ceremonies and rituals, it symbolises unity, blessings, and the binding of hearts. At weddings, as vows are exchanged, the tender brush of a kiss marks the beginning of a shared journey filled with love and unwavering commitment. 

Within the warmth of family bonds, parents use this universal language to convey boundless love to their children. Creating an unspoken promise of comfort, assurance, and unwavering support. 

As a major theme in literature and art, the kiss graces the pages of stories, paintings, and sculptures, adding moments of timeless beauty to the human experience. Each kiss tells a chapter of connection, a verse of love, and an everlasting echo that resonates through the tapestry of our shared moments. 

In contemplating the beauty of the kiss, I am reminded of the depth of connection it represents. It is with this sentiment that I express my profound love for the concept of a kiss and the magic it brings to our lives. 


The Kisss Lounge Chair 

About Marcel Wanders

Regarded by many as an anomaly in the design world, Marcel Wanders has made his mission to “create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true.”