Moooi embraces sustainability and a brighter, more extraordinary future through durability. With our Moooi Generations program, we focus on the durability of our designs and finding new homes for pre-loved pieces. Through refurbishment, extended warranties, product passports, and EU manufacturing, we invite customers to join our transformative journey towards sustainability and extraordinary design.

Taking the first steps towards a brighter future

At Moooi, our goal is to bring timeless icons to the market, cherished by their owners and sought after by second and third-hand users. We want to facilitate that pre-loved Moooi pieces find new homes, for this we created the Moooi Generations program. Likewise, we recognise the importance of adopting a more sustainable mindset. With the establishment of the Moooi Generations program, we’re taking the first steps towards a more sustainable future, by focusing on durability. Together, we’ll shape a brighter and even more extraordinary future for generations to come.

Moooi Generations is an ongoing journey, constantly evolving and progressing towards new horizons. To stay informed about our exciting future endeavours, we encourage you to keep an eye on this page or subscribe to our newsletter. By doing so, you’ll be among the first to receive updates about our next steps as we continue to create extraordinary designs and inspire generations to come.

The Button

We created The Button to invest in the future of good design and further extend the longevity of our products. Scan The Button on your Moooi lighting and furniture design to register the product and get extended warranty. The Button not only ensures an extended warranty, but it’s also proof of authenticity. The Button gives each Moooi design a unique digital identity, securing your investment. Go to for more information.

EU manufacturing

We are excited about our current efforts, which include a range of initiatives. With 98% of our manufacturing in the EU, we prioritise proximity for exceptional quality, supporting local economies and sustainability. Our code of conduct guides us in practicing ethics and responsible business behaviour. We keep rigorous quality control measures across multiple locations to meet our high standards. Focusing strongly on craftsmanship, we value the attention to detail that goes into each design. These endeavours fuel our passion for creating extraordinary designs and making designs dreams come true — the essence of Moooi.

Product Passport

Product passports are digital documents that contain detailed information about a product from start to finish. They improve transparency, traceability, and accountability in the supply chain, enabling better decision-making. Product passports encourage recycling, reuse, and responsible consumption. By recording a product’s history and characteristics, they promote sustainability and foster a transparent and responsible approach to production and consumption. We’re currently working on developing product passports for our designs to enhance these benefits.