Meet the Calligraphy Bird. The extinct animal that took the breath away from the first explorer that set its eyes upon it. Thinking he was hallucinating from the heat and his homesickness, the explorer could hardly believe his eyes. Never had he seen such a beautiful bird.

Aware of their paradisiac beauty, Calligraphy Birds were known to have a special feeling for romance and poetry. They were often seen posing and dancing to attract a partner. The male would move back and forth in a rhythmic dance, the blue hues of his ornate collar feathers shining in the sun. The female would respond by fanning her white tail feathers that ended in what resembled graceful calligraphy swirls, writing her very own love message.
Like the other members of the Museum of Extinct Animals, the Calligraphy Bird inspired the designers at Moooi to create a variety of designs for surfaces.

The Calligraphy Bird Jacquard

The hypnotic Calligraphy Bird Jacquard is inspired by the bird’s courtship. During the rhythmic dance of the male, to impress the female, the vibrant hues his ornate collar would glisten in the sun.
The Calligraphy Bird lush jacquard comes in three deep colours and is suitable for almost all upholstered designs in the Moooi collection.

The Calligraphy Bird Wallcovering

In response to the male bird’s rhythmic mating dance, the female Calligraphy Bird would answer with her white tail feathers. The movement of her feathers resemble graceful calligraphy swirls. Almost as if she was writing poetry in the air, or a sweet love letter.
The Calligraphy Bird Wallcovering represents the graceful swirls of the female Calligraphy Bird’s tail feathers.

The Calligraphy Bird Carpet

During mating season, the paradisiac beauty of the Calligraphy Bird only intensified. The many colours in their plumage would deepen and the feathers seemed to shine even more. Deep scarlet and bright sapphire hues balanced by softer shades.
The Calligraphy Bird Carpet shows the extinct animal’s paradisiac beauty in all its splendour, making it eternal.

The Museum of Extinct Animals

Calligraphy Bird

These designs show the Calligraphy Bird’s paradisiac beauty in all its splendour.