Meet the Mimic Moth, a recently discovered Extinct Animal. This “chameleon of the Lepidoptera family” loved to flutter day and night, unlike its nocturnal brothers and sisters.

It was known for its ever-changing appearance by mimicking the flower it was resting on and always fluttering around in high numbers. So it took a long time before travellers realised the lively moths they encountered were the same animal. Mimic Moths were social creatures that lived in sizable colonies and took care of each other.

Most moths are engaged by light, but bright colours and patterns of now-long-gone flowers drew in the Mimic Moth. Only during the night-flower season, the extinct animal was seen at night. Favourite late-bloomers of the Mimic Moth were the Moon Orchid, a bright pink flower with bright yellow spots, and Lily-of-Dusk, with a pastel rainbow of different coloured petals.

The Moon Orchid only bloomed when the moon was visible in the sky, hence the name. The Lillies-of-Dusk would open during sunset and would close again at sunrise. Creating a colourful playground with their multi-colour petals for the flutters of Mimic Moths.

Mimic Moth Wallcovering in Petal Pink by Moooi for Moooi Wallcovering 2021
Mimic Moth in dreamy setting with Hortensia Chair and Moooi Wallcovering


The unique features and habitat inspired a Moooi Wallcovering design that is a part of the Memento Moooi Wallcovering collection. The Mimic Moth Wallcovering is a 3D wall covering with a soft suede look, inspired by the Mimic Moth’s shape and habitat. The wall covering’s design is made up of embossed Mimic Moths surrounded by its favourite flowers.

The Mimic Moth Wallcovering is visible in Chapter I of A Digital Life Extraordinary: Beauty Blooms and available online, at Moooi Brand Stores, and at selected Moooi dealers.

Moooi's Museum of Extinct Animals at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy 2018

Moooi’s Museum of Extinct ANimals

Moooi sailed away on a bold adventure around the globe and dug up the dustiest of museum archives to find invaluable treasures: the drawings of lost animals, trimmed by imagination. The most invaluable treasure from past and present expeditions is the unexpected diversity of beauty, in all its forms…

For Moooi, unique drawings of forgotten species were made available by museums and archives from all over the world. Inspired magnificent extinct animal drawings, Moooi created designs for surfaces: a new collection of fabrics and leathers, wall coverings and carpets that bring the Extinct Animals back to life!