The future predicts humans will become celestial beings, aligned with the stars. The Space Escape Collection, by Elena Salmistraro, invites you to dive into a cosmic adventure.

Tired and saturated, our planet needs a radical change, a new plan. One that doesn’t involve humankind. Earth’s plan sends humankind on an interstellar journey, looking for new worlds to settle. Surrender to zero-gravity, with the pillows and carpets in the Space Escape Collection.

Pillows and Carpets; The soft essentials in your home

The collection of pillows and carpets tells this revolutionary story of our future interstellar travels. Inspired by science-fiction icons in popular culture: Star Wars, Metropolis, Bowie and Kubrick. The bold designs and bright colours are a visual exploration of designer Elena Salmistraro’s celestial muses.

Discover the Space Escape collection and give in to visual escapism.

About Elena Salmistraro

Elena Salmistraro is a product designer and artist based in Milan (IT). Her work focuses on the expressive element in objects, a certain language. She intends to bring this language to life and fascinate people with her choices in shape, harmony, and detailing. Her creations result from a never-ending research into art and design. A poetic style that leaves a signature on the architectural and design projects she creates for leading companies.