Ripples Carpet

The Ripples Carpet by AndrĂ©s Reisinger shows the fluid motion of a single drop falling into water. As soon as the drop hits the surface, a dance of scattering rings follows. The Ripples Carpet

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Ripples Carpet


Ripples Carpet is available in 2 colours.
Ripples carpet pink

Round 250,
Ripples in Pink

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Ripples carpet silver

Round 250,
Ripples in Silver

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The fluid motion after a single drop falls into water

Andrés Reisinger
Ripples carpet pink detail


Ripples in Silver remind us of mercury. A captivating metal that becomes fluid at certain temperatures. Captured in a carpet it’s almost hypnotising. 

Signature style

The fluid motion and pink colours in the Ripples Carpets bear AndrĂ©s Reisinger’s signature design style. A conceptual approach, bridging the imagined

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