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Moooi Boook

Discover the world of Moooi through four vivid chapters shaped as visual poems. New and known Moooi designs take the stage as you explore Beauty Blooms, Defy Gravity, Paper Play, and Divine Dreams. Each chapter is completed with sensorial Moooi Home Fragrances, brand-new Moooi Carpets, and Moooi Wallcovering designs inspired by newly discovered Extinct Animals.

Heracleum III – Moooi Booklet

The Heracleum is inspired by the Heracleum Plant. The white leaves ramify from branches, creating a very technical and natural structure. With its perpetual blossom of sprigs, there is hardly a limit to this Moooi Original. There’s no space or home where the timeless Heracleum can’t blossom. Discover our Heracleum Booklet.

Container Table – Moooi Booklet

The Container family by Marcel Wanders offers endless configurations to create a solid and architectural base for your interior. The foundation to design your home, your space around. Discover all possibilities of the Container Tablet in our Booklet.