Living up to their vision and passion, architects Luis Rebelo de Andrade and his son Tiago took on the renovation and décor of a centuries-old landmark building in the heart of Lisbon. This is a meticulously thought-out architectural design project, where heritage meets contemporary with a surprising twist. The result is a sophisticated historical property transformed into a thought-provoking space. Throughout, seemingly opposite dimensions such as classic architecture, contemporary design, striking colours and a myriad of details, find unexpected harmony and are rendered timeless.

Please tell us what defines the essence of Rebelo de Andrade architectural practice?

Luis Rebelo de Andrade- The essence of our practice lies in a harmonious blend of innovative design, respect for historical context, and a commitment to creating spaces that evoke a sense of luxury, cultural significance, and sustainability. Our approach emphasises responsibility, social awareness, and crafting unique experiences that leave a lasting and conscious impact on both the built environment and the people who interact with it.

What motivates you to undertake large renovation projects?

Tiago Rebelo de Andrade- The motivation behind undertaking large renovation projects, of which the Art Legacy Hotel is one example, stems from our deep commitment to revitalising historical spaces and contributing to the cultural fabric of communities. Our portfolio uniquely encapsulates our passion for hospitality design, our expertise in renovation projects that respect architectural heritage, and our proficiency in creating captivating interiors. By integrating these three categories here, we aimed to craft a space that not only offers a luxurious experience but also preserves and enhances the rich historical context of the site, thus drawing a link between the past and the future.

Could you elaborate on your inspiration and vision for this project?

Our inspiration for this project was deeply rooted in our ongoing exploration of architectural innovation and creativity. We aimed to push the boundaries of traditional design conventions, seeking to create a space that challenges perceptions and sparks thought-provoking conversations. Drawing from diverse sources of inspiration, we sought to infuse the project with a sense of dynamism and originality.

How did your approach contribute to the fascinating outcome of the project?

LRA- Hospitality is always about images and stories. We wanted people to have a completely unexpected experience that is immersive and aesthetically inspiring. So we proposed to our client to design a hotel with Moooi products only. This way we provide a strong distinctive identity, with a flair of energy and personality. We felt that Moooi’s use of bold colours would play a crucial role in enhancing the vibrancy and ambiance of the space, provoke the guest and perfectly convey the sense of storytelling we were going after.

What did you want to achieve by exclusively employing Moooi designs in this project?

TRA- Our primary objective was to transform a classic building into a place of personality, character and purpose that merges beauty and functionality. Marrying the timeless charm of the past with a contemporary look, we sought to create a modern classic that not only stands as a testament to quality and significance in the present but also looks toward the future with confidence. The interior embodies our vision of seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, providing an enriching colourful experience that reflects the essence of both classic and contemporary design principles.

How does your vision align with Moooi’s concept of design and its products, and what effect they have on the overall ambiance?

LRA- Our commitment to storytelling was embedded in every aspect of the design, allowing guests to imagine narratives in their mind’s eye and build connections. Moooi’s out-of-the-box design language and iconic masterpieces further contributed to the uniqueness of the environment, ensuring that every corner reflects a sense of the unexpected, eclectic, rebellious and sophisticated.

“Moooi’s pervasive presence throughout the building is deliberate—every color, texture, and pattern contribute to the storytelling on each floor and corner.”

How does Moooi design ethos aligns with your vision for this space?

TRA- It’s truly a brand that fits with this type of experience, turning a classic into a modern classic. Moooi’s pervasive presence throughout the building is deliberate—every colour, texture, and pattern contribute to the storytelling on each floor and corner. From lighting to carpets, wall coverings to furniture, Moooi’s rebellious creations allowed us to craft distinct narratives, create different flavours, ensuring that every space tells a unique and captivating story that resonates with guests long after they depart.

In all that Moooi does, creates and envisions we contribute to ‘a life extraordinary’. What does a life extraordinary mean to you?

LRA- To do everything with passion. To love what we do. Doing architectural design together with my son, who keeps challenging me. With time, we learned to work together; I offer my experience, he offers his youth. It’s a good mix! We may argue but at the end of the day, we open a bottle of wine and make peace with it.