Explore the physical and virtual elements of A Life Extraordinary by discovering brand-new digital spaces.

Moooi loves to inspire, evoke and amaze — in every possible manner. A Life Extraordinary is a habitat that lures you in. It is a mixture of scents, sounds and textures to discover.

Moooi presents: A Life Extraordinary

Immerse yourself in an inspiring digital world of spaces and objects to discover online — actual designs that you will want to touch and surround yourself with. The digital experience A Life Extraordinary features various online spaces. They each evoke different emotions and set different moods. Each digital room comes with a pre-made moodboard that you can customize and download. This creative and useful new function, which is now available on moooi.com, makes sure the eclectic, unexpected and original world of Moooi finds its way your interior, showroom or project.

Every step in A Life Extraordinary brings something to discover. You’ll find out.

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Drawing of monkey in Rendezvous Tokyo Blue