Joost van Bleijswijk’s workshop is place of comfort. A retrait, even. But that doesn’t mean that its calm and full of peace. In Joost’s workshop, the sound of tools, screwdrivers, and saws fill the air with noise. As some may think that they enter a construction site, once they enter the front door, Joost feels like he enters a world of endless possibilities. His workplace is a holy playground to tinker for hours — sometimes even for days.

From scratch, one person can cause a lot of things to happen. However, creating something meaningful from scratch isn’t an easy thing to do; it can be both exciting and challenging. If it’s in your hands, you do it without making use of anything that has been done before. Dutch Designer Joost van Bleijswijk knows like no other what it is like, and he works around the clock doing so. Craftmanship is in his DNA. A genuine fascination for the construction of objects – often only revealed in an objects final outcome – is the starting point of his design process, and his physical approach goes against all set conventions, rules and trends. In his workshop, all of his designs unfold under the presence of tools,
swirling sparks of fire and stacks build out of material experiments.

About Tinkering

Tinkering, designed by Joost van Bleijswijk for Moooi, is available in two sizes: Tinkering 85 and Tinkering 140. It is the result of hours spent on composing rhythmic installation of Tinkering lamps, while searching for unusual ways of capturing and reflecting light. With a see-through approach, Joost created a suspension lamp that creates a modern feel with a detailed touch that blends easily in any interior and is perfectly suitable for long dining tables. All LED lights are covered by messing coated shades that are adjustable, and hand over the tools of craftmanship to you: as you decide where the light reflection shines at. Tinkering is powered through Electrosandwich® technology and made from coated stainless steel and brass. It appears to be magical, as it is conducting itself without any wires.

About the Designer

Joost van Bleiswijk was born in Delft and graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011. Since then, he’s mainly working on his own collections in which the ‘no glue no screw’ series have become a major part. Every year ‘no glue no screw’ becomes more complicated, interesting and architectural.

Joost’s works and collections are exhibited and sold worldwide at galleries and museums including Moss Gallery in New York, Galerie Vivid in Rotterdam, Design Museum Holon in Israel and the Zuiderzee Museum in The Netherlands.

Joost about his collections; “I find it interesting to work with construction methods to create techniques that work as dogma for my designs. I create contemporary versions of forgotten objects such as the grandfather clock, hourglass, chessboard and goblet. I draw inspiration from the past and study hundreds of years of product design to find archetypes and conclusions of shapes that lie in history. It’s not only the style of design I find very important but the object itself; I choose objects that tell a story.”

In addition to his own work, Joost designs for companies such as Ahrend, Bernhardt, Bruut Furniture, City of Eindhoven, Design Connection, Lebesque and Secondome to name a few. His pieces are featured in international publications such as The New York Times, Wallpaper, Vogue, Elle Decor and The Financial Times.

The Button

Tinkering Suspension is accompanied by Moooi’s digital proof of authenticity: The Button. This personal safe keeper accompanies every Moooi design. The incorporated NFC- technology in The Button makes counterfeiting impossible and acts as proof of authenticity.
With registering the purchase to your own name, you secure your investment and in addition will extend the warranty.