Pogo Goats were always sighted on steep cliff sides, moving without a care in the world. With its intricate tracks and secluded habitats, this Extinct Animal wasn’t sighted very often.

With their fluffy coats and conch shell horns, Pogo Goats lived high in the mountains of Alkebulan most of the time. But they were migratory animals. During the coldest months of the year, they moved to the sea cliffs of the southern-most point on the continent. No matter their habitat, the Goats always seemed to prefer cliffs. The steeper the better.  

How Pogo Goats got their name remains a mystery. Some say it came from their migration patterns, leaving tracks that looked like lined-up dance steps. Others claim to have spotted groups of Pogo Goats dancing on the sides of the steepest cliffs, utterly fearless. The dancing goats celebrated life by living on the edge, literally.  

The Pogo Goat’s shell horns would turn the whistle of the wind into the sweetest music, which explains their ongoing dancing. But the elaborate horns’ downside was their size. It was a challenge for the Pogo Goats not to get stuck in the mountain cracks and fall off when prying loose. But when this happened, they fell into the clouds smiling and peacefully drifted away; hooves moving as if still dancing, never to be seen again. 

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Moooi's Museum of Extinct Animals at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy 2018

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