Gravity Chandelier in natural setting

Gravity Chandelier

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Gravity Chandelier 7 random positions

Gravity Chandelier



Gravity Chandelier is available in 2 models.
Gravity defines the form
Paul Cocksedge
Gravity Chandelier glass detail on grey background
Gravity Chandelier 7 in poetic room

By your design

The Gravity Chandelier lets you choose its diameter and where the light travels.
Gravity Chandelier glass detail on black background

Pressed glass cups

Gravity causes the graceful arcs of the strands hanging in mid-air, ending in pressed glass filled with sparkling lights.
Gravity Chandelier 7 in living room setting

Elegant lines

Thanks to the elastic black chords, the Gravity Chandelier’s arms look like precise lines of ink.

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About the designer

“I enjoy allowing a material to become a collaborator and help determine the outcome of a design…”
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Portrait designer Paul Cocksedge in studio
Portrait designer Paul Cocksedge in studio

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