Hubble Bubble

Hubble Bubble, designed by Marcel Wanders studio, is an airy and joyful suspension lamp. Available in two sizes, with either 7 or 11 glass LED bubbles in oil-iridescent or frosted versions. Hu…

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Hubble Bubble

From $2,095
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Hubble Bubble is available in 2 colours and 2 models.

Fill the air with everlasting bubbles

Marcel Wanders
Hubble Bubble 11 suspension light frosted light on detail


Hubble Bubble is powered through Electrosandwich® technology, so the bubbles don’t need any additional wiring

Oil-iridescent or frosted bubbles

Each bubble is made from blown glass spheres and comes in oil-iridescent or frosted versions.

Endless possibilities

You can hang Hubble Bubble horizontally, vertically, and from any angle in-between.

Seen in the wild

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