our philosophy

A Life Extraordinary

When Marcel Wanders & Casper Vissers started Moooi in 2001, they promised each other to create a legendary brand. Today, after almost twenty years, Moooi is still inspiring and seducing the world with breathtaking, innovative designs. The extra “O” in Moooi is to convey something extra in terms of beauty and uniqueness.

Our collection is always original, unexpected, eclectic, rebellious and sophisticated and is always on the edge of commercial reality and cultural interest. A well-curated mix of lighting, furniture and accessories that outlast everyday interiors, define personalities of spaces & deliver the extra touch of creativity and beauty that is always unexpected and yet so exquisitely welcome.

our products

We are intrinsically drawn to beauty and always on the lookout for original ideas.

Meet the Designers

We don’t tell designer what to do, we listen to what designers want to make and try to realise their dreams. The Moooi collection contains a range of work from emerging talent and internationally recognized designers. Together, we are intensely curious and on a search towards unique designs, concepts and materials.

Meet the Team

Imagination at the center of everything we do. We weave the pragmatic with the poetic. To break with the mundane and pursue the extraordinary. If you think you'd be a good addition to our team, get in touch.