Marl Carpet top view

Liquid Layers Carpet

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Liquid Layers carpet Marl round 250

Liquid Layers Carpet



Liquid Layers Carpet is available in 4 colours and 2 models.
Marl Carpet detail 1
Marl Carpet in living room setting with Love Sofa Highback

Hypnotising layers, colours, and shapes

The shapes of the carpets dictate the direction of the colours and layers.
Marl Carpet detail 2


Tulip and Agate come in the shape organic; an unexpected round overlapping shape, very different from traditional carpets.
Marl Carpet in living room setting


Marl and Pebble are round and provide softness to angular spaces and gives minimalist interiors character.

About the designer

“The love for textiles is in my blood…”
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Designer portrait Claire Vos 2019
Designer portrait Claire Vos 2019

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