Born from a love for fluorescent tubes, Tubelight is all about bending reality in a way that is both simple and surreal. The end result is pure and minimalistic, a modern suspension light with a twist that makes it stand out from traditional lighting fixtures. BCXSY’s Tubelight takes something recognisable and transforms it into an alienating object that is both mesmerising and intriguing. An unexpected and modern take on fluorescent lights making an office staple come to life. 

Tubelight by BCXSY 2024

Shape it your way
Tubelight is available in two variants, with a 1.5-meter fixed LED tube or 5-meter flexible LED tube. The 1.5-meter version brings a touch of elegance with its fixed arc, while the 5-meter option invites creativity, allowing you to shape your lighting masterpiece to fit any space. Whether you prefer to drape it over a chic black fixture or securely fasten it to the ceiling or wall using the convenient clamping holders, Tubelight adapts effortlessly to your style.  

This dimmable marvel transcends traditional fixtures with its versatility, empowering you to break free from convention with its modern twist on fluorescent lighting. Its adaptable design seamlessly integrates into any space, offering both style and functionality. 

BCXSY (pronounced ‘/bi-k-see/’) is an Amsterdam-based design collective, founded in 2007 by Boaz Cohen (IL/NL) and Sayaka Yamamoto (JP). The delicate, yet deliberate detail in their work is infused with subtle elements of surprise, wit, and humour, which lend to its innately immersive quality. 
The studio is accomplished in providing their partners with representations of distinct perspectives and shared values, through personal and collective reflection. With an extensive archive from furniture to wallpaper, and installations, BCXSY’s conceptual aesthetic remains rooted in emotion and human experience.