Picture the happiness that comes with a warm embrace from a close friend – that's the feeling captured in Big George.  

Meet our gentle giant 
Introducing Big George – where comfort meets character in a warm embrace. Picture sinking into the plush cushions of Big George, enveloped in its gentle, genuine, and generous design that feels like a friendly invitation to unwind and revel in the joy of a comforting hug by a gentle giant. 

A cosy, comfy embrace 
Your cosy sanctuary awaits with Big George. Instantly lifting your mood, it becomes a source of happiness and a haven where you can truly feel at ease. In a world where comfort reigns supreme, Big George understands the universal need for a comforting embrace, offering solace whenever you seek respite. 

Breaking away from conventional designs, Big George boasts an unconventional shape that captivates attention. Its casual yet grandiose presence effortlessly blends into any setting while commanding attention with its distinctive, bulbous forms. The roundness of its design adds an elegant touch, creating a seamless flow that complements your interior decor. 

Big George by Cristián Mohaded 2024

Customise your comfort 
But what truly sets Big George apart is the opportunity to customize your comfort. Dive into our material library and select from a variety of options, whether it’s the timeless charm of rich velvet, the casual elegance of wool, or the contemporary allure of leather. With endless possibilities, your Big George becomes a bespoke masterpiece, perfectly tailored to your unique taste and lifestyle. 

Bring home Big George – because everybody needs a hug.

About Cristián Mohaded
Cristián Mohaded is an industrial designer and artist born in the Argentine countryside (Catamarca, 1980). He has graduated from the National University of Córdoba, He shares part of the time between Buenos Aires and Milan. Nowadays, he is a prolific art director, product- and interior designer and known as benchmark in Argentina design. He is devoted to developing and designing products for private clients, national and international companies.